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Wood or Steel Anti Ligature TV Enclosure?

In the UK the NHS have had a radical wake up call, as previously they used to make their own anti ligature TV enclosures from wood, even some competitors make them now in MDF, (lots of bits glued together). But after a recent meeting they have found that the issues with the wood solution are not a real anti ligature solution.

Issues with wooden an anti ligature TV enclosure.

  1. As you can imagine it is difficult in making all the joints flush and smooth, so no one can use a joint to force material in such as bedding to form a ligature point.
  2. A wooden solution is not a cabinet or enclosure but a cover, as it fits over the TV and usually has no back cover to it.
  3. Audio out of the TV cabinet is muffled.
  4. Security is poor, can easily be broken using a chair to attack the cabinet.
  5. Access for maintenance and turning the volume up is difficult.

UK NHS Psychiatric hospitals replacing wooden boxes with a real anti ligature solution.

anti ligature tv enclosure

During a recent high level meeting, it was proven that the entire UK NHS is replacing all wooden TV cases, irrelevant if they are homemade or purchased from a supplier as these are not fit for purpose.

Throughout the discussions, a constant issue kept coming up and that was the MDF TV cabinets, with clients scratching away the coating, eating it and then pouring water on to the damaged area which resulted in the surface material swelling and then when the clients pulled on them, the area just broke away. 1 patient had to have their stomach pumped as they had ingested some of the MDF and the chemicals used to make the board were causing harm to the client. In 2011 Urea-formaldehyde was categorised as a Human Carcinogen, meaning exposure to this chemical can cause cancer! Source

Now ask yourself should a product that has a cancer causing component be used in hospitals?

Now compare this to a ProEnc steel anti ligature TV cabinet.

  1. ProEnc’s steel enclosure has all sloped sides welded and smooth, then painted – giving the maximum strength possible.|
  2. ProEnc’s TV cabinet completely encloses the TV and the rear panel gives the additional strength only steel can provide.
  3. Their TV enclosure has a vented front door to enable the audio from the TV to exit the enclosure without being muffled when used with modern flat screen televisions.
  4. ProEnc’s anti ligature TV case is the most secure on the market being fitted with high security locks and will withstand the most vicious attacks.
  5. Access is simple for maintenance and controlling the TV.

ProEnc’s success.

ProEnc export their anti-ligature TV cabinets to countries throughout the world, including Canada, North America, Asia and Europe. They have over 27 years’ experience manufacturing protective enclosures, why would you choose any other company.

ProEnc enclosures can be contacted on 0843 2893717 to discuss their anti ligature TV enclosure for psychiatric use.





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