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Where to Install a Sound Proof Projector Enclosure

Why Install a Sound Proof Projector Enclosure?

In the silence of a museum… Have you ever noticed how loud a sound can be in a quiet place? Even a pencil dropping on a wooden floor sounds magnified, so a sound proof projector enclosure is a unique piece of hardware to keep background noise to a minimal level, as expected in a quiet public place. Therefore a projector (and enclosure) is an ideal medium for broadcasting images for applications like way-finding, public information services and advertising. It is a modern and forward thinking media, which is adaptable, unobtrusive and fitting for settings like museums, libraries and entrances.

One consideration though, is to protect the projector with an enclosure, as this is just as important – as without one, the projector can become damaged either in a willful or accidental way. And bearing in mind just how much these projectors cost, it is a ‘guarantee’ for prolonging the working life of the investment. Have you ever noticed how much white noise (background static noise) fan noise and clicks come from electronic hardware? It can be very annoying when you are trying to concentrate. Yet without the cooling fan, the hard drive would overheat and the projector will fail. Even replacement projector bulbs – one of the most common faults – can not only cost extortionate amounts of money for a replacement, the down time is just as important. A unique soundproof projector enclosure with sound proof panels and sound filters over the ducts, has been constructed particularly for quiet environments. This specific projector enclosure is specified to allow less than 5 decibels to be heard – the ProEnc Wispr range can be purchased through dealers and resellers world wide.

Sound Proof Projector Enclosure

sound proof projector enclosure

Projectors are measured in lumens (the amount of light omitted) and the Wispr range covers up to 30,000 ANSI lumens. Sound from electronic parts from both the projector and housing unit seem to be magnified in a quiet environment, so the answer is to install a soundproof projector enclosure. ProEnc have developed a ‘hush box’, as it is known in the audio visual business, and are able to offer professional advice and proposal for a suitable projector enclosure; with a cost effective solution and piece of mind for maximum protection to guard against accidental or deliberate damage. ProEnc are so sure of their product, they offer a 3 year warranty against the housing and electronic parts of the enclosure – giving piece of mind. Projectors are becoming more and more popular as ways of broadcasting images, advertising and information in many different locations. This gives freedom as to where and how to install the projector and housing unit in unique, positions – even when conventional advertising is inaccessible due to planning or logistic restrictions. There are almost no limitations as to where they can be located – even hung over a very high ledge for a dramatic projected image!

By contacting ProEnc directly, you can be assured of a 1st class professional service; with advice, experience and a cost effective solution, tailored to your quiet environment.

+44 (0) 843 2893717 for European enquiries and (862) 234-5981 for the North American office.

So now you have an idea of where and how to install a ProEnc sound proof projector enclosure.

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Soundproof Projector Enclosure By ProEnc UK Launch Wispr

ProEnc UK’s Soundproof Projector Enclosure.

Yet again ProEnc have pushed their manufacturing experience to develop what is called in the AV industry a projector hush box, this allows projectors to be used and installed in areas that need to be as quiet as possible, such as museums and art galleries.

Understanding ProEnc’s sound proof enclosure.

ProEnc’s sound proof enclosure has been tested and delivers in reducing noise output, as you can appreciate when any moving parts are put into an enclosure; the sound omitted from the enclosure is going to increase. This is not ideal when you take into consideration that museum’s, art galleries and even tourist attractions have a need for a calm, quiet atmosphere, this is when the Wispr soundproof enclosure for projectors can be used.

The essential cooling of the projector is paramount to prevent the projector from overheating and blowing a bulb, which are a costly replacement. The soundproof enclosure is mad from steel and has an inner chamber for the projector then the cooling system is fed through a system of soundproof ducts, so any sound leaving the housing is less than 5db’s, making it the ideal solution for public areas too.

ProEnc’s projector hush box sizes.

Wispr ProEnc’s projector hush box is available in different sizes to accommodate projectors including:

  • Wispr10 Up to 10,000 ANSI lumens
  • Wispr20 Up to 20,000 ANSI lumens
  • Wispr30 Up to 30,000 ANSI lumens

These units also having rigging wire mounts so they can be suspended from steel staging structures with minimal effort.

Wispr projector hush box buy direct.

Get your projector hush box buy direct from ProEnc, mainly working through a network of dealers, resellers and installers ProEnc’s Wispr range is now available, across North America, Australia and Europe. Again backed with ProEnc’s unmatched warranty of 3 years on the electronics and the housing; no other manufacturer such a long warranty, so you have peace of mind when you purchase a ProEnc soundproof projector enclosure.

ProEnc’s patent pending projector noise reduction solution.

ProEnc’s innovative housing has been proven to provide projector noise reduction, for use in public areas, tourist attractions, sports stadiums, museums and even art galleries. ProEnc’s patent pending solution is set the rock the audio visual market by providing a cost effective solution.

soundproof projector enclosures

More detailed information can be requested by contacting ProEnc on their European office +44 (0) 843 2893717 or their North American office on (862) 234-5981. Currently ProEnc are offering a discount coupon for 20% off their soundproof projector enclosure.

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