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Protect Your Projector Investment Without Being Ripped Off

ProEnc’s projector enclosure has been added to their portfolio and ProEnc have an excellent pedigree of manufacturing outdoor steel enclosures for the electronics industry that spans in excess of 25 years.

Protecting your projector investment.

When you are installing or deploying a projector outdoors, the project has to be properly planned. This means everything has to be thought of from the correct projector to how the projector will be protected from the hostile weather as well as potential theft.

What would the point be if you spent weeks and months planning the project, creating the graphics and planning the installation to discover that within 24 hours the projector has either been stolen, vandalized or failed due to a sudden downpour?

The frustration, not to mention, the vast amounts of money invested in the project have just been flushed down the toilet!

There are several options for protecting your investment in the projector including:

  • From mounting the projector in one building and displaying the imagery on an adjacent building
  • Purchasing a dedicated weatherproof projector – very expensive!
  • Mounting a standard projector in an outdoor projector enclosure

So let’s look at each of these, the first one would need you to own both buildings as well as fund the building alterations, this would be rather costly unless you are part of major conglomerate.

The second option is some way to go, but when a weatherproof protector is developed and launched on the market it will certainly be costly, so much so it may make projects uneconomical.

The third option is the most cost effective and ProEnc was the first UK company to develop an outdoor environmental projector case back in 2013.

What’s included in a ProEnc projector enclosure?

A ProEnc projector enclosure offers the only true anti-vandal solution on the market.

The unit has a lockable access door, that is fully removable with the concealed hinges and is secured into position with 2 high security locks.

Each enclosure comes as standard with:

  • Cooling & thermostatic heating system for ranges of -30 to 60c
  • Concealed hinges
  • 2 x high security locks
  • Virtually unbreakable viewing window
  • Internal shelf
  • Fully earth bonded and CE UL approved
  • 200 x 200 vesa mount on top of enclosure for mounting bracket
  • Powder coated white
  • Warranty 3 years on enclosure and electronics
projector enclosure

Projector Enclosure

Have you been ripped off?

During a recent telephone conversation with a potential customer they described their application for putting a projector in an outdoor space near a swimming pool and had some concerns over the Chlorine corrosion. We explained that our enclosures are mild steel then plated with a zinc coating before they are powder coated. This ensures that in the worst experience the paint is chipped the base metal is still protected with the zinc coating.

When Stavos asked the price and we went through the specification as above, he was astounded as he said that he had been quoted from another projector enclosure company based near Halifax double the price!

We explained that this company does not manufacture the enclosures; they actually outsource all the manufacturing to an engineering company.
The difference is that ProEnc have manufacturing facilities in North America, Australia and the UK. So you are dealing direct and not paying an inflated price to a third party and being ripped off!

Yes, we won the order and the project was successful in Italy.

If you have purchased a projector enclosure and not contacted ProEnc to get a price you have definitely paid too much! Call ProEnc today on 0843 2893717 to discuss your projector enclosure requirement.


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