ProEnc’s waterproof projector enclosures

Waterproof projector enclosures.

All ProEnc’s outdoor enclosures are waterproof including their waterproof projector enclosures, as most audio visual installers need to install he hardware outdoors in all weathers, this I why ProEnc is the choice of the professional’s.

Applications for waterproof projector enclosures.

Many audio visual integrators are looking for a secure waterproof solution, so they only have to install the hardware once. A sort of set and forget solution!

We have had many AV installers contact us who are using projectors outdoors, for advertising purposes. This can be a restaurant or pub that is promoting a forthcoming event and using their building as a backdrop. Normally in this environment, the projector is deployed in the car park, so needs to be robust, to cope with the weather and potential hazards from poor drivers!

Others use projectors in the form of video mapping, when a building contractor has completed their initial phase and marketing the first phase, to fund the next. Again, the hardware is out in the open and without sufficient protection from the rain, snow and sleet in the UK and Europe the hardware will fail and the warranty will be invalid.

This is when IP65 is essential, as any slight gap will allow rain into the housing and cause electronic failure of the projector, resulting in the AV integrator having to return to site to rectify the issue.

Things to consider when looking for waterproof projector enclosures.

Some manufacturers who use cam locks use covers over the locks, these push on and are not a real all weather solution, as they can expand and pop off the lock, resulting in water entering the housing through the keyhole! Not good, as this will kill the projector.

Also, the same manufacturers have external hinges that are bolted to the body. Again water will track into the hinge and through the thread using capillary action into the housing, with the same negative impact.

They have 4 pins in the roof of the enclosure that are squeezed into a hole, but even if the hole is 0.2mm too big, these will allow water inside the housing.

However, ProEnc have a unique way of sealing their locks, with a sliding lock plate, that once in place is IP65 matching the enclosure’s rating. ProEnc’s hinges are concealed inside the door and have no external holes into the enclosure, preventing water ingress.

waterproof projector enclosures

Also ProEnc’s waterproof projector enclosures can be ceiling mounted using their bracket that is supplied, this is not mounted to the roof, but underneath by means of a cradle, again eliminating water ingress.

ProEnc’s outdoor projector enclosures are the most cost effective on the market, they are more cost effective, becuase you are dealing with a manufacturer.

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