ProEnc’s outdoor projector enclosures

Outdoor projector enclosures.

ProEnc’s outdoor projector enclosures have been used around the UK and Europe for advertising and outdoor home theatres, learn why their enclosure for projectors is the best.

ProEnc’s design.

When ProEnc designed their outdoor projector enclosures, they used their experience and knowledge to create a product that was perfect for outdoor use, what other manufacture can say that?

What to look for in outdoor projector enclosures.

Tip #1 Hinges.
ProEnc first looked at designing the outdoor projector enclosures, with concealed hinges, so no one could remove the door with authorisation. Any outdoor projector cabinet that has external bolts, are an easy picking a thief and no sooner is it installed, the projector will be stolen! As all the thief needs is a screwdriver to remove the screws. Any design with external hinges is something to be avoided as the design is poorly thought out!

Tip #2 Locks.
When you consider the housings on the market for projectors, you see all but one has the same locking mechanism, which is using a cam or compression lock. These are very cheap and cost just over £1 and can easily be prized open by using a screwdriver against the door and snapping the screw that holds the metal cam at the back of the lock.

Failing that a screwdriver can be pushed into the key hole and turned, opening the door and removing your expensive projector.

ProEnc only use high security locks, that are used in the banking industry, however if you do not have the key you cannot access the outdoor projector enclosure. As these special locks are designed to fit into cut outs in the body and do not reply on a flimsy screw for the security. 1 of our locks has the same strength of 23 cam locks and cost a lot more than £1!

outdoor projector enclosures

Tip #3 Water & dust ingress.
All projector enclosures that are used outdoors have to be ideally IP65 rated, this is to ensure the hardware inside is kept safe from fluids and dust. Products that are IP65 have been tested to withstand washing down with high pressure water jets and the dust filtration is down to 0.07 microns.

If water gets into the housing and come into contact with the projector it will short out and fail. If the water in the housings heats up, it will cause condensation inside the housing and possibly cause the bulb to blow due to the extreme humidity.

Dust ingress is another issue and if the environmental projector enclosure is not projected, will cause dust build up that will result in the hardware failing, but will also cause the image on the lens to be distorted and look unprofessional.

ProEnc’s solution is a thermostatic heating and cooling system that uses 2 plenums to bring clean, cool air into the enclosure whilst the hot air is dumped outside the housing through exhaust plenums. When the heating is set to minimum, it will operate as an anti-condensation heater, eliminating condensation build up inside the projector enclosure. All ProEnc’s housings are IP65 and available in stainless steel for high salt areas. Anyone who cannot discuss the IP rating of their product is best avoided.

Tip #4 Mounting solutions.
Is the outdoor projector cabinet set up for how you intend on mounting it? Can it be pole mounted from the floor? What about ceiling mounted? What about hanging the enclosure from rigging?

When dealing with ProEnc, this is discussed as part of the early application discussion, as the more we know about your project the better. Our products will be perfect for your applications.

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