Outdoor projector UK Manufacturer

Outdoor projector UK by ProEnc.

ProEnc Projector Enclosures are a manufacturer based in Cambridgeshire, United Kingdom specialising in producing protective housings for projectors and flat screen displays that are used in hostile environments.

What makes a manufacturer of outdoor projectors in the UK?

Obviously they have a facility in the United Kingdom, they have to have the capacity to make them, including the tools and knowledge to create a housing in a realistic time scale, along with turning quotes around in quick succession.

Points to be aware of, when working with an outdoor projector enclosure UK manufacturer:
• What is the lead time?
• How long does it take them to get a quote back to you?
• Can they discuss the design in a technical manner?
• Do they have an extended warranty on their product?

Let us look at each point above, firstly lead time.

outdoor projector

All manufacturers of products at one time or another hit full capacity, however not every job is on 4-6 week lead time. For an example on our outdoor projector cabinets we offer an expedited service ensuring that the customer receives their custom enclosure anywhere in the world within 17 days. If any waterproof projector enclosures manufacturer tells you different, they are not the manufacturers as they have to wait in line with other customers at the fabrication shop.

This has 2 issues; the rival competitor cannot pull the customer’s order forward and they do not have full control over the enclosure.

ProEnc provide weekly updates on their expedited service, who else offers this service? AV installers love these, so they can deploy outdoor projector solutions.

Return quote.

If a customer’s order cannot be quoted within the day, but takes 3 or 4 days for a quote, this is a clear indicator that the so called manufacturer is still waiting for the real maker to give them a price. The customer will be the one who pays for the so called manufacturer to cream off their profit.

Design discussion.

If you are speaking to a UK manufacturer of projector enclosures and they cannot discuss the design, suitable material or alternative security options, this is another sign that you are dealing with someone who is just sub-contracting your work out to the cheapest bidder, making it a bad buy for the customer.

What is the warranty on the projector enclosure?

If you are doing business with a real manufacturer they will have an extended warranty, similar to our warranty of 5 years on the enclosure and 3 years on the electronics. Anyone who offers 12 months warranty is to be avoided, as they do not have faith in their design and do not have the knowledge or experience to back their products design and should be avoided.

The last point when looking or considering a UK manufacturer of projector enclosures, is ask them what quality assurance process they adhere too, if they cannot answer this, avoid them as they are not a manufacturer and you could potentially be scammed by them.

ProEnc housings are of high quality, cost effective and with a long warranty. If you want to deal with a real manufacturer, contact the only true outdoor projector enclosure UK manufacture – ProEnc.