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Preventing Self Harm with Anti-ligature TV Enclosures


Saving the lives of vulnerable people with anti-ligature TV enclosures.


Holding people against their will may seem like a crime, and in the wrong scenario it is, however holding people with a mental illness is recognised in a civil society, as a way to prevent self inflicted harm to themselves or towards others. This encompasses many forms of mental illness, including schizophrenia, depression, substance abuse and bipolar disorders and the side effects of these conditions result in many different outcomes from being withdrawn, not eating, not sleeping and violence. Whilst medication can be prescribed by a professional to aid the patient, it is not always successful and may be against a persons’ will.

Preventing Self Harm with Anti-ligature TV Enclosures

Preventing Self Harm with Anti-ligature TV Enclosures


Some mental conditions lie dormant until an incident occurs to provokes an outburst, this is where specially designed furniture – known as anti-ligature furniture, provides a safe environment. It is constructed to withstand force, and is shatter proof; which limits further destruction and pieces of furniture being used as a weapon against other people. This allows for a quality of life most of us take for granted. Watching television can be a calming, educational, informative and entertaining form of media, but the television itself can be deadly. It contains electrical parts which can cause death by electrocution and death by strangulation, let alone serious injury. Then there is the glass of the screen; many of us will have experienced how easy it is to accidentally get a cut from a dropped glass, but to actually slice the skin with a shard of glass can cause serious damaged to an artery or vein, the consequence of which is exsanguination, aka blood loss.

Taking one element of anti-ligature furniture, for instance the anti-ligature TV enclosures, can mean the difference between life and death. Providing a safe environment should be one of the fundamentals of caring for young offenders, immigration detainees or even mainstream prisoners. There is no accounting for potential suicide risks, despite initial healthcare screening when a person is first detained. Prevention is always better than cure; avoiding a conceivable situation may save a life, save a person from an injury and save a future criminal court case brought against the management of the institution.

But what is the cost of the plausible possibility of saving a life by installing an anti-ligature TV enclosure? If you put a price on something which is priceless, then it makes no sense; however for the nominal cost of installing TV protection can bring piece of mind, duty of care and a safe environment, which in itself is priceless.

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