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Outdoor Christmas Laser Lights – Having Fun

Having fun with outdoor Christmas laser lights.

It’s approaching that time of year again…’ho ho ho’ – so why not celebrate by installing a projector for outdoor Christmas laser lights?

Have you thought about protection for the outdoor Christmas laser lights?

outdoor Christmas laser lights

Creating an imaginative and theatrical production is much easier than you think. It only needs a small pre-programmed projector lasered against a wall (either internal or external) which will draw in crowds for a promotion, campaign or event. But don’t forget to include for protecting the laser light and the best way to do this is by purchasing a projector enclosure from ProEnc Ltd. These projector enclosures are used on a variety of projectors and for many reasons, but in this case it is particularly suitable to guard against theft and damage. Whilst outdoor Christmas laser lights may claim to be dust, moisture and even water proof, it is certainly worth giving extra protection against failure. Another major factor is damage; both accidental and wilful can cause inconvenience, downtime, repair or replacement costs and render the laser useless – just what you don’t need for your Christmas promotions. Theft and vandalism are unfortunately common place in society, so it needs protecting against. Why should someone take your laser; which you have bought, set up and is intended to bring in more business? The only way to deter theft or damage is by enclosing it in a projector enclosure.

Outdoor Christmas laser lights will make your shop, business or home stand out from every other display with an amazing array of festive icons projected onto virtually any surface. Whether you call it projector mapping, 3D mapping or building wrapping, it all comes down to one factor – a laser, however it needs a second essential piece of hardware – the enclosure. Rather than spending time getting out the ladders, hammer and nails; putting up tatty decorations which can be dangerous on the roof, or multiple strings of knotted lights (half with the bulbs blown!) a dazzling and imaginative display of moving festive images of red, green and white will create a joyous scene just by the press of a button. Using a remote control, the image settings, speed, and timer function are easily controlled and can give a substantial coverage of 40ft square. Think of any backdrop as a canvas by utilizing the side of a building, against a forest of evergreen trees, a football pitch, or even a waterfall adds to the merry season in a unique way.

When ordering a laser projector enclosure from a company like ProEnc Ltd – who specialise in protecting computer screens and displays, remember to mention it is for a laser as the viewing window needs to be bigger than the standard projector enclosure, because the head of the laser is designed to move around, creating imaginative changeable images.

So for the best price in protecting your outdoor Christmas laser lights, contact ProEnc Ltd, where you’ll find informative product knowledge at a cost effective solution. Now is the time to order both your laser and enclosure as Christmas creeps nearer…,


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