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Not All Projector Enclosures Are Made Equal

ProEnc have made projector enclosures for the past 5 years, using their 25 year experience manufacturing outdoor weatherproof enclosures for the likes of Nokia, Alcatel, Siemens, Disney, MGM and Network Rail to name a few. Some people have a misunderstanding that all enclosures are equal – learn how to pick the right projector enclosure for your application.

Projector enclosures and “so called manufactures”.

The AV industry is rife with wild allegations and falsehoods, including many companies claiming to manufacturer, when in fact they outsource the manufacturing to the lowest price supplier and have no control over the overall quality of the protective housing.

This is why ProEnc have several manufacturing facilities globally – 1 in Florida USA, 1 in Australia newly opened in 2017, 1 in Hampshire England and 1 in Poland covering Europe. This enables ProEnc to offer enclosures at a cost effective price and without the huge cost of air freight associated with shipping the enclosures.

This came from ProEnc’s experience back in 2009 when they spent in excess of $172,371 in air freight alone plus $69,101 in sea freight just to the USA! If made in the country the product is needed in, ProEnc can pass the cost saving on to the customer without compromising on the quality of their product, unlike other so called manufacturers who have received grants to start their business and outsource to the lowest price with little if any control over quality.

Other problems to look out for in a poorly designed projector enclosure.

External hinges – who in their right mind puts external hinges on an enclosure that is protecting hardware worth from $3,000 up to $70,000? Thieves only need to turn up with the correct screwdriver or anti vandal bit to remove the bolts holding the hinges to the body and then stealing the hardware. You may as well not have any locks on the projector enclosure as this is a major security issue putting your investment at risk.

ProEnc’s projector enclosures are all fitted with recessed hinges, that cannot be accessed from outside the enclosure, unless you have a key to the 2 high security locks.

Cam locks – these are perfect in high foot fall locations when they are protecting something of little value, as their design is so basic the locks can be forced open or even opened with a nail file! Any projector enclosure using these types of locks needs to be avoided. Just ask yourself, would you put your $3,000 projector into an enclosure that can be opened whilst you sleep and the projector stolen?

ProEnc’s enclosures all feature 2 high security locks that are pick proof, ensuring the enclosure hey provide is the most secure on the market.

Viewing window mount – for security reasons the viewing window needs to have a 4 sided mounting frame around it to prevent it being forced to one side to gain access to the locks, resulting in a stolen projector. Some so called manufactures only support the window top and bottom, allowing the window to be slide to either side. This is down to cutting corners in protection and manufacturing costs as they subcontract the manufacturing out to the cheapest supplier.

Waterproof protection – also called European IP (Ingress Protection) or American NEMA 4X. Let us look at each one to see how they work.

IP65 projector cases.

The IP range in numbers, so for example IP65 – the first digit 6 mean no solid dust will enter the enclosure, the second digit 5 means the enclosure protects from water jets from any direction. This is the usual standard for projector housings.

Nema 4X projector boxes.

NEAM 4X ensures the enclosure is watertight. These are used outdoors on ship docks, in food processors, in wastewater treatment plants and breweries to name a few applications. X (as 4X) indicates additional corrosion resistance.

projector enclosures

IP65 projector enclosure

ProEnc’s enclosures are also zinc plated before powder coating to provide the additional corrosion resistance.
The enclosure industry is self-regulated and anyone can make these claims, however ProEnc partnered back in 2009 with an independent testing company who carry out tests on random production runs to ensure ProEnc’s products live up to the outdoor weather protection needed.

If you speak to other so called manufacturers and they have external hinges and cam locks, these will not provide the IP65 or NEMA 4X protection essential for protecting your hardware. Water will enter the enclosure by capillary action and cause the hardware to fail over time, due to moisture build up that will corrode the circuit boards of the projector, but first you will notice that you use a lot of replacement bulbs. This is a clear indication the enclosure is wrong.

To prevent these issues, contact ProEnc and discuss your application today, you will save money because you are dealing direct with a manufacturer and you have peace of mind knowing the product is the most secure on the market, with the highest quality projector enclosures possible.


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