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How an IP65 Projector Enclosure Fits The Bill

Do you need a dust and splash proof IP65 projector enclosure?

The definition of an IP rating– otherwise known as ingress protection, is a guide to how a piece of electrical equipment, like lights, sockets or enclosures housing electrical equipment cope with foreign particles of either solids or liquids.

This can be found at: which states:


Protected from total dust ingress.

Protected from low pressure water jets from any direction.

This is significantly important when a projector is to be located outdoors, particularly in the British weather! One minute it can be raining, then snowing to a blustery day where leaves and dust are whirling around. Particles can render any piece of electrical hardware useless and a very expensive waste or repair bill.

Advertising campaigns are big business and worth millions of pounds, which is why and how strategies for promotions and publicity are changing to projector mapping around iconic buildings in prominent places – for example the 125th anniversary celebration of Cocoa Cola, using video mapping on all canvas covered faces of their headquarters in Atlanta USA; a phenomenal presentation of height, colour and visual effects all created quite simply by a projector.

Where ever in the world a projector is used outside, it needs protecting; from extremes of temperature fluctuation, to wet climates where condensation, steam, water vapour and the risk of slight spillages of liquids can cause the projector to fail. The same happens with dusty environments – even the smallest of particles can embed into the electrical parts and interfere with the mechanical workings. Clients expect their ad campaigns to run for the schedules time and not be suspended due to the projector failure.

IP65 projector enclosure              

IP65 projector enclosure


The IP65 projector enclosure also protects the hardware from theft and deliberate damage, particularly if left unattended. Maybe the campaign will run for a few weeks and the projector is left out over night; not only is it protected from the weather elements, but also from unscrupulous persons who may see it as an opportunity to unlawfully remove the projector. Projectors can cost thousands of pounds and even if it is insured, the interruption of the marketing drive can be catastrophic for the client, so for the nominal cost of an IP65 projector enclosure, it ensures the smooth running of the promotion. is a worldwide renowned company who can provide their expertise and experience along with a cost effective price, which will provide your advertising business with an IP65 projector enclosure to protect and enhance your hardware call +44 (0) 843 2893717


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