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Choosing a ProEnc Enclosure for your New Projector

Protecting your projector with a ProEnc enclosure.

When considering a projector for a project, there are many things to think about, with security being one of them, Proenc enclosure discovered these other factors this last 12 months.

Are you thinking about buying a projector? The picture and sound clarity are one of the main requirements most customers look for first. Whether it is for home or business use, this requirement remains the same. Businesses use a projector for presentations, conferences and networking, whereas home users watch movies, sporting events and music concerts – both have similar usages and perform similarly.

Projectors suit many locations and applications, such as classrooms and small areas, right through to arenas and stadiums for larger events, viewed by thousands of people. Because the images, projectors display, are so clear and sharp it loses no clarity or distortion.

Some things to think about when choosing a projector for your articular applications are:

Which of the 3 main categories of projector are suitable? These are:

DLP; digital light processing. Producing sharp crisp images
LCD;liquid crystal display. These are bigger in size, so are better for larger venues.
LED; light emitting diode. Although these produce colour, the bulbs aren’t as bright as the previous two models, so it depends on the room lighting.


How is it going to be situated? And where is the power supply? Projectors for home use are fairly simple to install, even on a temporary basis, however a business projector may need to be transportable and therefore a flexible option. Most will be table-top mounted at the right height and the image can be projected onto almost any blank surface – it isn’t always necessary to buy a projector screen too.

Are you going to invest in a wireless option? This means there are no wires to get in the way, making setting up a lot simpler.

How will the content be added? A USB is a convenient way of adding content and much easier than attaching to a lap top or PC.

A multi media option gives flexibility of including audio, so rather than adding external speakers, the projector has them included. This makes for a one-stop solution and creates a very interesting presentation. Business presentations, like marketing or facts and figures can be shown on a laptop or PC, but it is easier for employees and customers to view on a bigger screen.

Why a ProEnc enclosure?

ProEnc make a range of housings, including their projector box, an a ProEnc enclosure is the most secure on the market.

One major point to add is security – how would you feel if your projector was being used for an outdoor display, but was stolen because it wasn’t monitored and not bolted down? What a waste of time and money. The solution is both cost effective and practical and may also reduce your insurance premium by buying an enclosure from ProEnc. The security locks make it tamper proof, the viewing window is secure and unbreakable yet allows the clear image to be projected. It is also weather proof, so it can be left outside in all weathers and it is fitted with a thermostatic heating and cooling system, keep the projector at an ambient temperature to avoid overheating or freezing up in cold climates.

proenc enclosure

For information and advice on protection for your projector, check out our ProEnc enclosure or call 0843 2893717 today.





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