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Protect Your Projector Investment Without Being Ripped Off

ProEnc’s projector enclosure has been added to their portfolio and ProEnc have an excellent pedigree of manufacturing outdoor steel enclosures for the electronics industry that spans in excess of 25 years.

Protecting your projector investment.

When you are installing or deploying a projector outdoors, the project has to be properly planned. This means everything has to be thought of from the correct projector to how the projector will be protected from the hostile weather as well as potential theft.

What would the point be if you spent weeks and months planning the project, creating the graphics and planning the installation to discover that within 24 hours the projector has either been stolen, vandalized or failed due to a sudden downpour?

The frustration, not to mention, the vast amounts of money invested in the project have just been flushed down the toilet!

There are several options for protecting your investment in the projector including:

  • From mounting the projector in one building and displaying the imagery on an adjacent building
  • Purchasing a dedicated weatherproof projector – very expensive!
  • Mounting a standard projector in an outdoor projector enclosure

So let’s look at each of these, the first one would need you to own both buildings as well as fund the building alterations, this would be rather costly unless you are part of major conglomerate.

The second option is some way to go, but when a weatherproof protector is developed and launched on the market it will certainly be costly, so much so it may make projects uneconomical.

The third option is the most cost effective and ProEnc was the first UK company to develop an outdoor environmental projector case back in 2013.

What’s included in a ProEnc projector enclosure?

A ProEnc projector enclosure offers the only true anti-vandal solution on the market.

The unit has a lockable access door, that is fully removable with the concealed hinges and is secured into position with 2 high security locks.

Each enclosure comes as standard with:

  • Cooling & thermostatic heating system for ranges of -30 to 60c
  • Concealed hinges
  • 2 x high security locks
  • Virtually unbreakable viewing window
  • Internal shelf
  • Fully earth bonded and CE UL approved
  • 200 x 200 vesa mount on top of enclosure for mounting bracket
  • Powder coated white
  • Warranty 3 years on enclosure and electronics
projector enclosure

Projector Enclosure

Have you been ripped off?

During a recent telephone conversation with a potential customer they described their application for putting a projector in an outdoor space near a swimming pool and had some concerns over the Chlorine corrosion. We explained that our enclosures are mild steel then plated with a zinc coating before they are powder coated. This ensures that in the worst experience the paint is chipped the base metal is still protected with the zinc coating.

When Stavos asked the price and we went through the specification as above, he was astounded as he said that he had been quoted from another projector enclosure company based near Halifax double the price!

We explained that this company does not manufacture the enclosures; they actually outsource all the manufacturing to an engineering company.
The difference is that ProEnc have manufacturing facilities in North America, Australia and the UK. So you are dealing direct and not paying an inflated price to a third party and being ripped off!

Yes, we won the order and the project was successful in Italy.

If you have purchased a projector enclosure and not contacted ProEnc to get a price you have definitely paid too much! Call ProEnc today on 0843 2893717 to discuss your projector enclosure requirement.

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Not All Projector Enclosures Are Made Equal

ProEnc have made projector enclosures for the past 5 years, using their 25 year experience manufacturing outdoor weatherproof enclosures for the likes of Nokia, Alcatel, Siemens, Disney, MGM and Network Rail to name a few. Some people have a misunderstanding that all enclosures are equal – learn how to pick the right projector enclosure for your application.

Projector enclosures and “so called manufactures”.

The AV industry is rife with wild allegations and falsehoods, including many companies claiming to manufacturer, when in fact they outsource the manufacturing to the lowest price supplier and have no control over the overall quality of the protective housing.

This is why ProEnc have several manufacturing facilities globally – 1 in Florida USA, 1 in Australia newly opened in 2017, 1 in Hampshire England and 1 in Poland covering Europe. This enables ProEnc to offer enclosures at a cost effective price and without the huge cost of air freight associated with shipping the enclosures.

This came from ProEnc’s experience back in 2009 when they spent in excess of $172,371 in air freight alone plus $69,101 in sea freight just to the USA! If made in the country the product is needed in, ProEnc can pass the cost saving on to the customer without compromising on the quality of their product, unlike other so called manufacturers who have received grants to start their business and outsource to the lowest price with little if any control over quality.

Other problems to look out for in a poorly designed projector enclosure.

External hinges – who in their right mind puts external hinges on an enclosure that is protecting hardware worth from $3,000 up to $70,000? Thieves only need to turn up with the correct screwdriver or anti vandal bit to remove the bolts holding the hinges to the body and then stealing the hardware. You may as well not have any locks on the projector enclosure as this is a major security issue putting your investment at risk.

ProEnc’s projector enclosures are all fitted with recessed hinges, that cannot be accessed from outside the enclosure, unless you have a key to the 2 high security locks.

Cam locks – these are perfect in high foot fall locations when they are protecting something of little value, as their design is so basic the locks can be forced open or even opened with a nail file! Any projector enclosure using these types of locks needs to be avoided. Just ask yourself, would you put your $3,000 projector into an enclosure that can be opened whilst you sleep and the projector stolen?

ProEnc’s enclosures all feature 2 high security locks that are pick proof, ensuring the enclosure hey provide is the most secure on the market.

Viewing window mount – for security reasons the viewing window needs to have a 4 sided mounting frame around it to prevent it being forced to one side to gain access to the locks, resulting in a stolen projector. Some so called manufactures only support the window top and bottom, allowing the window to be slide to either side. This is down to cutting corners in protection and manufacturing costs as they subcontract the manufacturing out to the cheapest supplier.

Waterproof protection – also called European IP (Ingress Protection) or American NEMA 4X. Let us look at each one to see how they work.

IP65 projector cases.

The IP range in numbers, so for example IP65 – the first digit 6 mean no solid dust will enter the enclosure, the second digit 5 means the enclosure protects from water jets from any direction. This is the usual standard for projector housings.

Nema 4X projector boxes.

NEAM 4X ensures the enclosure is watertight. These are used outdoors on ship docks, in food processors, in wastewater treatment plants and breweries to name a few applications. X (as 4X) indicates additional corrosion resistance.

projector enclosures

IP65 projector enclosure

ProEnc’s enclosures are also zinc plated before powder coating to provide the additional corrosion resistance.
The enclosure industry is self-regulated and anyone can make these claims, however ProEnc partnered back in 2009 with an independent testing company who carry out tests on random production runs to ensure ProEnc’s products live up to the outdoor weather protection needed.

If you speak to other so called manufacturers and they have external hinges and cam locks, these will not provide the IP65 or NEMA 4X protection essential for protecting your hardware. Water will enter the enclosure by capillary action and cause the hardware to fail over time, due to moisture build up that will corrode the circuit boards of the projector, but first you will notice that you use a lot of replacement bulbs. This is a clear indication the enclosure is wrong.

To prevent these issues, contact ProEnc and discuss your application today, you will save money because you are dealing direct with a manufacturer and you have peace of mind knowing the product is the most secure on the market, with the highest quality projector enclosures possible.

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How an IP65 Projector Enclosure Fits The Bill

Do you need a dust and splash proof IP65 projector enclosure?

The definition of an IP rating– otherwise known as ingress protection, is a guide to how a piece of electrical equipment, like lights, sockets or enclosures housing electrical equipment cope with foreign particles of either solids or liquids.

This can be found at: which states:


Protected from total dust ingress.

Protected from low pressure water jets from any direction.

This is significantly important when a projector is to be located outdoors, particularly in the British weather! One minute it can be raining, then snowing to a blustery day where leaves and dust are whirling around. Particles can render any piece of electrical hardware useless and a very expensive waste or repair bill.

Advertising campaigns are big business and worth millions of pounds, which is why and how strategies for promotions and publicity are changing to projector mapping around iconic buildings in prominent places – for example the 125th anniversary celebration of Cocoa Cola, using video mapping on all canvas covered faces of their headquarters in Atlanta USA; a phenomenal presentation of height, colour and visual effects all created quite simply by a projector.

Where ever in the world a projector is used outside, it needs protecting; from extremes of temperature fluctuation, to wet climates where condensation, steam, water vapour and the risk of slight spillages of liquids can cause the projector to fail. The same happens with dusty environments – even the smallest of particles can embed into the electrical parts and interfere with the mechanical workings. Clients expect their ad campaigns to run for the schedules time and not be suspended due to the projector failure.

IP65 projector enclosure              

IP65 projector enclosure


The IP65 projector enclosure also protects the hardware from theft and deliberate damage, particularly if left unattended. Maybe the campaign will run for a few weeks and the projector is left out over night; not only is it protected from the weather elements, but also from unscrupulous persons who may see it as an opportunity to unlawfully remove the projector. Projectors can cost thousands of pounds and even if it is insured, the interruption of the marketing drive can be catastrophic for the client, so for the nominal cost of an IP65 projector enclosure, it ensures the smooth running of the promotion. is a worldwide renowned company who can provide their expertise and experience along with a cost effective price, which will provide your advertising business with an IP65 projector enclosure to protect and enhance your hardware call +44 (0) 843 2893717

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Choosing a ProEnc Enclosure for your New Projector

Protecting your projector with a ProEnc enclosure.

When considering a projector for a project, there are many things to think about, with security being one of them, Proenc enclosure discovered these other factors this last 12 months.

Are you thinking about buying a projector? The picture and sound clarity are one of the main requirements most customers look for first. Whether it is for home or business use, this requirement remains the same. Businesses use a projector for presentations, conferences and networking, whereas home users watch movies, sporting events and music concerts – both have similar usages and perform similarly.

Projectors suit many locations and applications, such as classrooms and small areas, right through to arenas and stadiums for larger events, viewed by thousands of people. Because the images, projectors display, are so clear and sharp it loses no clarity or distortion.

Some things to think about when choosing a projector for your articular applications are:

Which of the 3 main categories of projector are suitable? These are:

DLP; digital light processing. Producing sharp crisp images
LCD;liquid crystal display. These are bigger in size, so are better for larger venues.
LED; light emitting diode. Although these produce colour, the bulbs aren’t as bright as the previous two models, so it depends on the room lighting.


How is it going to be situated? And where is the power supply? Projectors for home use are fairly simple to install, even on a temporary basis, however a business projector may need to be transportable and therefore a flexible option. Most will be table-top mounted at the right height and the image can be projected onto almost any blank surface – it isn’t always necessary to buy a projector screen too.

Are you going to invest in a wireless option? This means there are no wires to get in the way, making setting up a lot simpler.

How will the content be added? A USB is a convenient way of adding content and much easier than attaching to a lap top or PC.

A multi media option gives flexibility of including audio, so rather than adding external speakers, the projector has them included. This makes for a one-stop solution and creates a very interesting presentation. Business presentations, like marketing or facts and figures can be shown on a laptop or PC, but it is easier for employees and customers to view on a bigger screen.

Why a ProEnc enclosure?

ProEnc make a range of housings, including their projector box, an a ProEnc enclosure is the most secure on the market.

One major point to add is security – how would you feel if your projector was being used for an outdoor display, but was stolen because it wasn’t monitored and not bolted down? What a waste of time and money. The solution is both cost effective and practical and may also reduce your insurance premium by buying an enclosure from ProEnc. The security locks make it tamper proof, the viewing window is secure and unbreakable yet allows the clear image to be projected. It is also weather proof, so it can be left outside in all weathers and it is fitted with a thermostatic heating and cooling system, keep the projector at an ambient temperature to avoid overheating or freezing up in cold climates.

proenc enclosure

For information and advice on protection for your projector, check out our ProEnc enclosure or call 0843 2893717 today.




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Where to Install a Sound Proof Projector Enclosure

Why Install a Sound Proof Projector Enclosure?

In the silence of a museum… Have you ever noticed how loud a sound can be in a quiet place? Even a pencil dropping on a wooden floor sounds magnified, so a sound proof projector enclosure is a unique piece of hardware to keep background noise to a minimal level, as expected in a quiet public place. Therefore a projector (and enclosure) is an ideal medium for broadcasting images for applications like way-finding, public information services and advertising. It is a modern and forward thinking media, which is adaptable, unobtrusive and fitting for settings like museums, libraries and entrances.

One consideration though, is to protect the projector with an enclosure, as this is just as important – as without one, the projector can become damaged either in a willful or accidental way. And bearing in mind just how much these projectors cost, it is a ‘guarantee’ for prolonging the working life of the investment. Have you ever noticed how much white noise (background static noise) fan noise and clicks come from electronic hardware? It can be very annoying when you are trying to concentrate. Yet without the cooling fan, the hard drive would overheat and the projector will fail. Even replacement projector bulbs – one of the most common faults – can not only cost extortionate amounts of money for a replacement, the down time is just as important. A unique soundproof projector enclosure with sound proof panels and sound filters over the ducts, has been constructed particularly for quiet environments. This specific projector enclosure is specified to allow less than 5 decibels to be heard – the ProEnc Wispr range can be purchased through dealers and resellers world wide.

Sound Proof Projector Enclosure

sound proof projector enclosure

Projectors are measured in lumens (the amount of light omitted) and the Wispr range covers up to 30,000 ANSI lumens. Sound from electronic parts from both the projector and housing unit seem to be magnified in a quiet environment, so the answer is to install a soundproof projector enclosure. ProEnc have developed a ‘hush box’, as it is known in the audio visual business, and are able to offer professional advice and proposal for a suitable projector enclosure; with a cost effective solution and piece of mind for maximum protection to guard against accidental or deliberate damage. ProEnc are so sure of their product, they offer a 3 year warranty against the housing and electronic parts of the enclosure – giving piece of mind. Projectors are becoming more and more popular as ways of broadcasting images, advertising and information in many different locations. This gives freedom as to where and how to install the projector and housing unit in unique, positions – even when conventional advertising is inaccessible due to planning or logistic restrictions. There are almost no limitations as to where they can be located – even hung over a very high ledge for a dramatic projected image!

By contacting ProEnc directly, you can be assured of a 1st class professional service; with advice, experience and a cost effective solution, tailored to your quiet environment.

+44 (0) 843 2893717 for European enquiries and (862) 234-5981 for the North American office.

So now you have an idea of where and how to install a ProEnc sound proof projector enclosure.

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Outdoor Christmas Laser Lights – Having Fun

Having fun with outdoor Christmas laser lights.

It’s approaching that time of year again…’ho ho ho’ – so why not celebrate by installing a projector for outdoor Christmas laser lights?

Have you thought about protection for the outdoor Christmas laser lights?

outdoor Christmas laser lights

Creating an imaginative and theatrical production is much easier than you think. It only needs a small pre-programmed projector lasered against a wall (either internal or external) which will draw in crowds for a promotion, campaign or event. But don’t forget to include for protecting the laser light and the best way to do this is by purchasing a projector enclosure from ProEnc Ltd. These projector enclosures are used on a variety of projectors and for many reasons, but in this case it is particularly suitable to guard against theft and damage. Whilst outdoor Christmas laser lights may claim to be dust, moisture and even water proof, it is certainly worth giving extra protection against failure. Another major factor is damage; both accidental and wilful can cause inconvenience, downtime, repair or replacement costs and render the laser useless – just what you don’t need for your Christmas promotions. Theft and vandalism are unfortunately common place in society, so it needs protecting against. Why should someone take your laser; which you have bought, set up and is intended to bring in more business? The only way to deter theft or damage is by enclosing it in a projector enclosure.

Outdoor Christmas laser lights will make your shop, business or home stand out from every other display with an amazing array of festive icons projected onto virtually any surface. Whether you call it projector mapping, 3D mapping or building wrapping, it all comes down to one factor – a laser, however it needs a second essential piece of hardware – the enclosure. Rather than spending time getting out the ladders, hammer and nails; putting up tatty decorations which can be dangerous on the roof, or multiple strings of knotted lights (half with the bulbs blown!) a dazzling and imaginative display of moving festive images of red, green and white will create a joyous scene just by the press of a button. Using a remote control, the image settings, speed, and timer function are easily controlled and can give a substantial coverage of 40ft square. Think of any backdrop as a canvas by utilizing the side of a building, against a forest of evergreen trees, a football pitch, or even a waterfall adds to the merry season in a unique way.

When ordering a laser projector enclosure from a company like ProEnc Ltd – who specialise in protecting computer screens and displays, remember to mention it is for a laser as the viewing window needs to be bigger than the standard projector enclosure, because the head of the laser is designed to move around, creating imaginative changeable images.

So for the best price in protecting your outdoor Christmas laser lights, contact ProEnc Ltd, where you’ll find informative product knowledge at a cost effective solution. Now is the time to order both your laser and enclosure as Christmas creeps nearer…,

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