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How an IP65 Projector Enclosure Fits The Bill

Do you need a dust and splash proof IP65 projector enclosure?

The definition of an IP rating– otherwise known as ingress protection, is a guide to how a piece of electrical equipment, like lights, sockets or enclosures housing electrical equipment cope with foreign particles of either solids or liquids.

This can be found at: which states:


Protected from total dust ingress.

Protected from low pressure water jets from any direction.

This is significantly important when a projector is to be located outdoors, particularly in the British weather! One minute it can be raining, then snowing to a blustery day where leaves and dust are whirling around. Particles can render any piece of electrical hardware useless and a very expensive waste or repair bill.

Advertising campaigns are big business and worth millions of pounds, which is why and how strategies for promotions and publicity are changing to projector mapping around iconic buildings in prominent places – for example the 125th anniversary celebration of Cocoa Cola, using video mapping on all canvas covered faces of their headquarters in Atlanta USA; a phenomenal presentation of height, colour and visual effects all created quite simply by a projector.

Where ever in the world a projector is used outside, it needs protecting; from extremes of temperature fluctuation, to wet climates where condensation, steam, water vapour and the risk of slight spillages of liquids can cause the projector to fail. The same happens with dusty environments – even the smallest of particles can embed into the electrical parts and interfere with the mechanical workings. Clients expect their ad campaigns to run for the schedules time and not be suspended due to the projector failure.

IP65 projector enclosure              

IP65 projector enclosure


The IP65 projector enclosure also protects the hardware from theft and deliberate damage, particularly if left unattended. Maybe the campaign will run for a few weeks and the projector is left out over night; not only is it protected from the weather elements, but also from unscrupulous persons who may see it as an opportunity to unlawfully remove the projector. Projectors can cost thousands of pounds and even if it is insured, the interruption of the marketing drive can be catastrophic for the client, so for the nominal cost of an IP65 projector enclosure, it ensures the smooth running of the promotion. is a worldwide renowned company who can provide their expertise and experience along with a cost effective price, which will provide your advertising business with an IP65 projector enclosure to protect and enhance your hardware call +44 (0) 843 2893717

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Where to Install a Sound Proof Projector Enclosure

Why Install a Sound Proof Projector Enclosure?

In the silence of a museum… Have you ever noticed how loud a sound can be in a quiet place? Even a pencil dropping on a wooden floor sounds magnified, so a sound proof projector enclosure is a unique piece of hardware to keep background noise to a minimal level, as expected in a quiet public place. Therefore a projector (and enclosure) is an ideal medium for broadcasting images for applications like way-finding, public information services and advertising. It is a modern and forward thinking media, which is adaptable, unobtrusive and fitting for settings like museums, libraries and entrances.

One consideration though, is to protect the projector with an enclosure, as this is just as important – as without one, the projector can become damaged either in a willful or accidental way. And bearing in mind just how much these projectors cost, it is a ‘guarantee’ for prolonging the working life of the investment. Have you ever noticed how much white noise (background static noise) fan noise and clicks come from electronic hardware? It can be very annoying when you are trying to concentrate. Yet without the cooling fan, the hard drive would overheat and the projector will fail. Even replacement projector bulbs – one of the most common faults – can not only cost extortionate amounts of money for a replacement, the down time is just as important. A unique soundproof projector enclosure with sound proof panels and sound filters over the ducts, has been constructed particularly for quiet environments. This specific projector enclosure is specified to allow less than 5 decibels to be heard – the ProEnc Wispr range can be purchased through dealers and resellers world wide.

Sound Proof Projector Enclosure

sound proof projector enclosure

Projectors are measured in lumens (the amount of light omitted) and the Wispr range covers up to 30,000 ANSI lumens. Sound from electronic parts from both the projector and housing unit seem to be magnified in a quiet environment, so the answer is to install a soundproof projector enclosure. ProEnc have developed a ‘hush box’, as it is known in the audio visual business, and are able to offer professional advice and proposal for a suitable projector enclosure; with a cost effective solution and piece of mind for maximum protection to guard against accidental or deliberate damage. ProEnc are so sure of their product, they offer a 3 year warranty against the housing and electronic parts of the enclosure – giving piece of mind. Projectors are becoming more and more popular as ways of broadcasting images, advertising and information in many different locations. This gives freedom as to where and how to install the projector and housing unit in unique, positions – even when conventional advertising is inaccessible due to planning or logistic restrictions. There are almost no limitations as to where they can be located – even hung over a very high ledge for a dramatic projected image!

By contacting ProEnc directly, you can be assured of a 1st class professional service; with advice, experience and a cost effective solution, tailored to your quiet environment.

+44 (0) 843 2893717 for European enquiries and (862) 234-5981 for the North American office.

So now you have an idea of where and how to install a ProEnc sound proof projector enclosure.

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ProEnc’s IP Rated projector enclosures

IP rated projector enclosures for ultimate protection.

ProEnc offer IP rated projector enclosures for the ultimate in all-weather protection, ensuring the hardware is kept dry no matter what the external location or situation. ProEnc Limited specialises in projector enclosures and export throughout the world due to their vast knowledge and experience manufacturing outdoor electronics housings.

ProEnc have over 25 years’ experience making weatherproof housings, so you are guaranteed a quality product at a cost effective price. Unlike most other manufacturers, we quote specific requirements based on raw material and labour costs, other base their quotes on the replacement cost and value of the original projector and this is why there is a massive difference in price.

ProEnc’s pricing promise.

ProEnc guarantee that they will not be beaten on quality and price for a like for like product. In a recent conversation, a UK enquiry could not believe the price we quoted, stating no one could make them for that price, the reason being the 2 other housing suppliers base their costs for the IP rated cases on the value of the projector which ProEnc Limited think is very unethical.

ProEnc’s management team started out manufacturing computer enclosures for wash down food environments, so as you can imagine from the freezing external temperatures and the internal heat build-up, there had to be a solution and this is why their cooling solution was patented and used in their LCD enclosures and their IP65 projector enclosures. In 2009 the management team sold the business to concentrate on flat screen enclosures, and they led the industry until 2013 when that part of the business was sold off to a US rival.

ProEnc's IP rated projector enclosures

Questions to ask for IP rated projector cases.

Is it a bespoke projector housing? If it is the price for testing 1 custom unit should run into £2,700 if the price is similar the unit is not IP rated or even tested!

What gauge of material is the case made from? ProEnc use 14SWG Zintex, this is mild steel sheet that is covered in zinc to prevent corrosion, what would the point be making it from a material that will rust with no rust protection?

Lead time? Is this off the shelf or a standard 3-4 weeks lead time, if the later, it looks as though the unit is being made to order.

Ask the company you are talking too about what specific engineering experience they actually have, manufacturing steel housings for projectors. The reason is some companies subcontract all the work out and have no control over it or the quality, ProEnc have their own manufacturing facility and everything is done in house.

Ask the person you are discussing your requirement with to explain the differences between IP56 and IP65, asking about which is best for you application. In extreme cases IP65 products should be in stainless steel due to the high Chromium content in the steel, compared to mild steel. The Chromium acts as a corrosion inhibitor.

If you want to take the guess work out of who to speak too, contact ProEnc and we will be glad to discuss your IP rated projector enclosures requirement.

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