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Wood or Steel Anti Ligature TV Enclosure?

In the UK the NHS have had a radical wake up call, as previously they used to make their own anti ligature TV enclosures from wood, even some competitors make them now in MDF, (lots of bits glued together). But after a recent meeting they have found that the issues with the wood solution are not a real anti ligature solution.

Issues with wooden an anti ligature TV enclosure.

  1. As you can imagine it is difficult in making all the joints flush and smooth, so no one can use a joint to force material in such as bedding to form a ligature point.
  2. A wooden solution is not a cabinet or enclosure but a cover, as it fits over the TV and usually has no back cover to it.
  3. Audio out of the TV cabinet is muffled.
  4. Security is poor, can easily be broken using a chair to attack the cabinet.
  5. Access for maintenance and turning the volume up is difficult.

UK NHS Psychiatric hospitals replacing wooden boxes with a real anti ligature solution.

anti ligature tv enclosure

During a recent high level meeting, it was proven that the entire UK NHS is replacing all wooden TV cases, irrelevant if they are homemade or purchased from a supplier as these are not fit for purpose.

Throughout the discussions, a constant issue kept coming up and that was the MDF TV cabinets, with clients scratching away the coating, eating it and then pouring water on to the damaged area which resulted in the surface material swelling and then when the clients pulled on them, the area just broke away. 1 patient had to have their stomach pumped as they had ingested some of the MDF and the chemicals used to make the board were causing harm to the client. In 2011 Urea-formaldehyde was categorised as a Human Carcinogen, meaning exposure to this chemical can cause cancer! Source

Now ask yourself should a product that has a cancer causing component be used in hospitals?

Now compare this to a ProEnc steel anti ligature TV cabinet.

  1. ProEnc’s steel enclosure has all sloped sides welded and smooth, then painted – giving the maximum strength possible.|
  2. ProEnc’s TV cabinet completely encloses the TV and the rear panel gives the additional strength only steel can provide.
  3. Their TV enclosure has a vented front door to enable the audio from the TV to exit the enclosure without being muffled when used with modern flat screen televisions.
  4. ProEnc’s anti ligature TV case is the most secure on the market being fitted with high security locks and will withstand the most vicious attacks.
  5. Access is simple for maintenance and controlling the TV.

ProEnc’s success.

ProEnc export their anti-ligature TV cabinets to countries throughout the world, including Canada, North America, Asia and Europe. They have over 27 years’ experience manufacturing protective enclosures, why would you choose any other company.

ProEnc enclosures can be contacted on 0843 2893717 to discuss their anti ligature TV enclosure for psychiatric use.




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Choosing a ProEnc Enclosure for your New Projector

Protecting your projector with a ProEnc enclosure.

When considering a projector for a project, there are many things to think about, with security being one of them, Proenc enclosure discovered these other factors this last 12 months.

Are you thinking about buying a projector? The picture and sound clarity are one of the main requirements most customers look for first. Whether it is for home or business use, this requirement remains the same. Businesses use a projector for presentations, conferences and networking, whereas home users watch movies, sporting events and music concerts – both have similar usages and perform similarly.

Projectors suit many locations and applications, such as classrooms and small areas, right through to arenas and stadiums for larger events, viewed by thousands of people. Because the images, projectors display, are so clear and sharp it loses no clarity or distortion.

Some things to think about when choosing a projector for your articular applications are:

Which of the 3 main categories of projector are suitable? These are:

DLP; digital light processing. Producing sharp crisp images
LCD;liquid crystal display. These are bigger in size, so are better for larger venues.
LED; light emitting diode. Although these produce colour, the bulbs aren’t as bright as the previous two models, so it depends on the room lighting.


How is it going to be situated? And where is the power supply? Projectors for home use are fairly simple to install, even on a temporary basis, however a business projector may need to be transportable and therefore a flexible option. Most will be table-top mounted at the right height and the image can be projected onto almost any blank surface – it isn’t always necessary to buy a projector screen too.

Are you going to invest in a wireless option? This means there are no wires to get in the way, making setting up a lot simpler.

How will the content be added? A USB is a convenient way of adding content and much easier than attaching to a lap top or PC.

A multi media option gives flexibility of including audio, so rather than adding external speakers, the projector has them included. This makes for a one-stop solution and creates a very interesting presentation. Business presentations, like marketing or facts and figures can be shown on a laptop or PC, but it is easier for employees and customers to view on a bigger screen.

Why a ProEnc enclosure?

ProEnc make a range of housings, including their projector box, an a ProEnc enclosure is the most secure on the market.

One major point to add is security – how would you feel if your projector was being used for an outdoor display, but was stolen because it wasn’t monitored and not bolted down? What a waste of time and money. The solution is both cost effective and practical and may also reduce your insurance premium by buying an enclosure from ProEnc. The security locks make it tamper proof, the viewing window is secure and unbreakable yet allows the clear image to be projected. It is also weather proof, so it can be left outside in all weathers and it is fitted with a thermostatic heating and cooling system, keep the projector at an ambient temperature to avoid overheating or freezing up in cold climates.

proenc enclosure

For information and advice on protection for your projector, check out our ProEnc enclosure or call 0843 2893717 today.




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Soundproof Projector Enclosure By ProEnc UK Launch Wispr

ProEnc UK’s Soundproof Projector Enclosure.

Yet again ProEnc have pushed their manufacturing experience to develop what is called in the AV industry a projector hush box, this allows projectors to be used and installed in areas that need to be as quiet as possible, such as museums and art galleries.

Understanding ProEnc’s sound proof enclosure.

ProEnc’s sound proof enclosure has been tested and delivers in reducing noise output, as you can appreciate when any moving parts are put into an enclosure; the sound omitted from the enclosure is going to increase. This is not ideal when you take into consideration that museum’s, art galleries and even tourist attractions have a need for a calm, quiet atmosphere, this is when the Wispr soundproof enclosure for projectors can be used.

The essential cooling of the projector is paramount to prevent the projector from overheating and blowing a bulb, which are a costly replacement. The soundproof enclosure is mad from steel and has an inner chamber for the projector then the cooling system is fed through a system of soundproof ducts, so any sound leaving the housing is less than 5db’s, making it the ideal solution for public areas too.

ProEnc’s projector hush box sizes.

Wispr ProEnc’s projector hush box is available in different sizes to accommodate projectors including:

  • Wispr10 Up to 10,000 ANSI lumens
  • Wispr20 Up to 20,000 ANSI lumens
  • Wispr30 Up to 30,000 ANSI lumens

These units also having rigging wire mounts so they can be suspended from steel staging structures with minimal effort.

Wispr projector hush box buy direct.

Get your projector hush box buy direct from ProEnc, mainly working through a network of dealers, resellers and installers ProEnc’s Wispr range is now available, across North America, Australia and Europe. Again backed with ProEnc’s unmatched warranty of 3 years on the electronics and the housing; no other manufacturer such a long warranty, so you have peace of mind when you purchase a ProEnc soundproof projector enclosure.

ProEnc’s patent pending projector noise reduction solution.

ProEnc’s innovative housing has been proven to provide projector noise reduction, for use in public areas, tourist attractions, sports stadiums, museums and even art galleries. ProEnc’s patent pending solution is set the rock the audio visual market by providing a cost effective solution.

soundproof projector enclosures

More detailed information can be requested by contacting ProEnc on their European office +44 (0) 843 2893717 or their North American office on (862) 234-5981. Currently ProEnc are offering a discount coupon for 20% off their soundproof projector enclosure.

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ProEnc’s IP Rated projector enclosures

IP rated projector enclosures for ultimate protection.

ProEnc offer IP rated projector enclosures for the ultimate in all-weather protection, ensuring the hardware is kept dry no matter what the external location or situation. ProEnc Limited specialises in projector enclosures and export throughout the world due to their vast knowledge and experience manufacturing outdoor electronics housings.

ProEnc have over 25 years’ experience making weatherproof housings, so you are guaranteed a quality product at a cost effective price. Unlike most other manufacturers, we quote specific requirements based on raw material and labour costs, other base their quotes on the replacement cost and value of the original projector and this is why there is a massive difference in price.

ProEnc’s pricing promise.

ProEnc guarantee that they will not be beaten on quality and price for a like for like product. In a recent conversation, a UK enquiry could not believe the price we quoted, stating no one could make them for that price, the reason being the 2 other housing suppliers base their costs for the IP rated cases on the value of the projector which ProEnc Limited think is very unethical.

ProEnc’s management team started out manufacturing computer enclosures for wash down food environments, so as you can imagine from the freezing external temperatures and the internal heat build-up, there had to be a solution and this is why their cooling solution was patented and used in their LCD enclosures and their IP65 projector enclosures. In 2009 the management team sold the business to concentrate on flat screen enclosures, and they led the industry until 2013 when that part of the business was sold off to a US rival.

ProEnc's IP rated projector enclosures

Questions to ask for IP rated projector cases.

Is it a bespoke projector housing? If it is the price for testing 1 custom unit should run into £2,700 if the price is similar the unit is not IP rated or even tested!

What gauge of material is the case made from? ProEnc use 14SWG Zintex, this is mild steel sheet that is covered in zinc to prevent corrosion, what would the point be making it from a material that will rust with no rust protection?

Lead time? Is this off the shelf or a standard 3-4 weeks lead time, if the later, it looks as though the unit is being made to order.

Ask the company you are talking too about what specific engineering experience they actually have, manufacturing steel housings for projectors. The reason is some companies subcontract all the work out and have no control over it or the quality, ProEnc have their own manufacturing facility and everything is done in house.

Ask the person you are discussing your requirement with to explain the differences between IP56 and IP65, asking about which is best for you application. In extreme cases IP65 products should be in stainless steel due to the high Chromium content in the steel, compared to mild steel. The Chromium acts as a corrosion inhibitor.

If you want to take the guess work out of who to speak too, contact ProEnc and we will be glad to discuss your IP rated projector enclosures requirement.

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