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Anti Ligature TV Housing in UK Facilities

UK anti ligature television enclosures.

An Experienced Guide to Choosing the Safest Product And Planning for Anti Ligature TV Housing in UK Facilities

This is critical at the design stage of a development or re-development, so carrying out the planning and the augmentation process will result in a cost effective solution in the long run. Engaging an established and reputable designer and supplier of the best of British workmanship will guarantee the right anti-ligature product is installed to safeguard vulnerable people. Challenging behaviour can be found in many detention centres; from prisons, youth custody suites to immigration centres, where TV screens are located as information points as well as entertainment. Where conventional furniture is unsuitable for use in mental health facilities, uniquely designed pieces, like TV enclosures are safe to install and not as expensive as you may think – but what is the cost of a life against the cost of installing an enclosure? Not only are they safe, but durable and can even be powder coated in an antibacterial paint, making it safe and reducing the breeding ground for bacteria; just think how many hands touch a TV set.

A few questions which are asked about anti ligature TV housing units include:

Can the sound be heard clearly when a TV enclosure covers a television set? Yes, as there are very small holes at the front – just enough to let the sound out, but not enough to create a ligature point. A sound bar can also be installed within, to amplify the volume, depending on what area the sound has to cover. And yes, a remote control can be used whilst the TV is covered.

How clear is the viewing window? The viewing window is fitted to the inside of the TV enclosure and is designed to be virtually unbreakable (even if enough forced was used to break it, it would only crack and not fall out as glass would. Glass from the TV screen can be used as a weapon for self harm or against another person, like a member of staff).

What makes TV enclosures suitable for mental health institutes? The specific design of sloping sides avoids the potential for looping material around the unit and there are no points to hang a metal wire, ie. coat hanger from – another ligature point. Also there are no visible components, like screws or hinges to tempt self harm.

Whilst there are other products on the market, be aware as to how safe they are. Here is a short video demonstrating the failure points of a widely available TV enclosure, which most definitely is NOT suitable!

Even though televisions are enclosed and safety and durability are paramount, they do not impede on the aesthetic look of the environment. Mental health and detention centres are very cautious about looking after the detainees and have a duty of care, whilst providing a level of comfort, so by installing an anti ligature TV housing in UK facilities, you are not only providing a social, educational and informative facility, you are providing it within a safe environment.

Anti Ligature TV Housing in UK Facilities
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