ProEnc Ltd Enclosures.

ProEnc LTD offer both projector enclosures and anti ligature TV enclosures for protecting the hardware in hazardous environments.

With their vast manufacturing experience, ProEnc’s audio visual enclosures are specified all over the world, as their reputation is one of quality at an affordable price, let us look at the solutions they offer.

ProEnc Ltd’s projector enclosures.

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Their range of outdoor projector housings started production in January 2015 with a single standard unit. However over the following 12 months ProEnc decided to create several size units to accommodate the high end projectors including Christie and Barco.

Now ProEnc Limited offer the standard ProEnc, ProEnc20k and ProEnc50K. If this is not enough, ProEnc also offer a custom unit solution that can be expedited any where in the would in under 17 days!

ProEnc LTD has seen a dramatic rise in the use of outdoor projector housings for both commercial advertising and outdoor home cinema solutions. Supplying leading audio visual installers with their cost effective solution with the most secure and high quality product in the following countries:

  • Australia
  • France
  • UK
  • North America
  • Germany
  • Bulgaria
  • Spain
  • Portugal


Anti Ligature TV Enclosures.

Designed originally for the US mental health department, ProEnc are proud to supply their specified product to most of the UK NHS Trusts as well as most health care facilities in North America and Canada.

Their unique design was the result of 18 months work with the US mental health department and is patent pending. The units are designed to be surface mounted and prevent the looping of material around the TV cabinet due to it’s 4 sloping sides, other units with either 1 or 2 sloped sides just do not work, material can be looped around to form a ligature point for self harm.

Like all ProEnc Ltd’s enclosures, they are waterproof and weatherproof to IP65, something no one else can offer in Europe. Some competitors claim to offer IP65 projector enclosures for custom units, yet to back this up with paperwork, each outdoor projector enclosure would have to be independently tested and this cost coupled with the one off costs would put the projector enclosure out of reach of most businesses. This is why ProEnc enclosures are the preferred choice of Audio Visual installers across Europe.

If you are looking for a weatherproof projector enclosure, contact ProEnc Ltd, as their products have been deployed in remote locations in hostile environments, including Sweden at -30F and Melbourne Australia at 145F. Their product ranges is a get and forget solution, providing years of protection to the hardware, in outdoor locations, in any weather and any country.

ProEnc Limited can be contacted on +44 (0) 843 2893717, so give them a call to discuss your project. Don’t trust your project to anyone else, you might be giving your order for the projector enclosure to a competitor, as several competitors have active directors owning other AV companies and your customers are at jeopardy. Work with ProEnc projector enclosures and your decision will be rewarded.

Contact ProEnc LTD projector enclosures today!